Ira Reines

American Master Sculptor Ira Reines | Sculptural Etherealism | b.1957

In 1980, the iconic father of Art Deco Romain de Tirtoff— better known as Erté—aspired to have his beautiful drawings and paintings realized as sculpture. He selected Ira Reines, an award-winning young sculptural prodigy whose talent and passion impressed Erté.

Reines collaborated closely with Erté for eleven years, translating the master’s celebrated two-dimensional Art Deco couture designs into a series of seventy bronze sculptures. Those sculptures were distributed world-wide and reside in the collections of well-known museums including Great Britain’s Victoria and Albert Museum, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Coral Springs Museum in Florida, and the Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai, China.

Upon Erté’s passing in 1990, Master Sculptor Ira Reines has evolved his sculpting style known as “Sculptural Etherealism” to create his profound sculptural thesis on the relationships of order and chaos to man and divinity.  His delicate and intricately formed figures of near-perfect beauty, emerges as if in the process of creation; and replete with splendor and spirituality arising from the intricate relationships between order and chaos.  The artist feels that “Beauty is a perfect reflection of divinity” as beauty is born from chaos and form is created from formlessness.