Art Fairs and Exhibitions

Since our formation in 1997, Winn Slavin Fine Art has become a driving force in fine art and has firmly established ourselves as a premier provider of fine art paintings and sculptures with an emphasis on integrity, service, and innovation.  In addition to our Beverly Hills gallery, we have done numerous international exhibitions including most recently:

  • LA Art Show – 2018; 2017; 2016; 2015; 2014; 2013
  • Red Dot Miami Art Fair – 2017; 2016; 2012
  • Shanghai Art Fair – 2017; 2015; 2014; 2013; 2012
  • Art Beijing –2015; 2014
  • Art Macao – 2013
  • Asia Contemporary Art Show – 2013
  • AHAF Hong Kong – 2013
  • Art Shanghai – 2012
  • Art Hamptons – 2012
  • Toronto Art Expo – 2011; 2010

We continue to dedicate ourselves to maintaining a long-term commitment to nurture, support, and encourage the artists we represent, our collectors, and the fine art industry as a whole.  We go to great lengths to protect the provenance, integrity, and value of the art created by our contemporary museum master sculptors and master painters.  We represent Contemporary Master artists including American pop-artist Cory Bennett; Vietnamese-American artist Daniel Winn; Canadian artist Michel Desroches; Ukrainian artist Igor Zaytsev ; American sculptor Ira Reines; Serbian sculptor Boban; and Colombian artists Carlos Torres, Fernando Botero and Édgar Negret.

In addition, we offer selected works by Modern Masters James Abbott McNeill WhistlerJames TissotÉdouard ManetHenri De Toulouse-LautrecPierre-Auguste, RenoirMary CassattEdgar Degas.

With the knowledge and expertise to blend our passion for fine art with a keen business sense, we strive to ensure our collectors are informed and enlightened by providing in-depth information and special event opportunities to assist them in experiencing the world of fine art.

Success is a function of the many, not just the one, and so we at Winn Slavin Fine Art will continue to work closely and harmoniously with our artists, show promoters, and collectors towards a future replete with even greater success.

Recent Art Fairs

Art Marbella 2017
Shanghai Art Fair 2017
Red Dot Miami 2017
LA Art Show 2018