Carlos Torres

Colombian Master Artist Carlos Torres | Organic Abstraction | b.1955

Carlos Torres was born in Bogota, Columbia in 1955 and found himself interested in the world of art at a very young age.

While an anthropology student at Universidad Nacional Bogota, Torres  gained a unique perspective on the energy and spirituality of the human condition which ultimately redirected his ambitions. He changed his course of study and subsequently graduated with a Degree in Art.

This unique background and his intimate exposure to the artifacts of the ancients have inspired Carlos’ unique use of textures and warm earth-tones and the energetic magnetism that is so obvious in his works. Each of his pieces of art, whether it be a painting or a sculpture, evokes an emotional response from the viewer, a sense of spirituality from deep within, perhaps even the same type of spiritual feeling that Carlos himself experienced at dig sites in his native Columbia as a student.

“Through the language of art, we are able to look at our world with new perspective, for it communicates the subtleties of life to us at their most basic levels. Art touches us all, for it has an eternal soul, a nature that expresses feelings with unmatched clarity.”

After immigrating to the United States in 1980, Carlos quickly began to regard his new country as his portal to the world, a base from which to launch exhibitions throughout the Americas including Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, and, of course, the United States itself.

Carlos Torres now enjoys a close relationship with his wife and three daughters in Southern California which has allowed him to stay on track as an artist and develop a style that he refers to as “Organic Abstraction”

His paintings and sculptures range from highly organic textural pieces that feature earth-tones to more geometrical offerings with an expansive color pallet and intersecting lines to create shapes that tantalize the imagination, presented in a fascinatingly abstract manner. All within the framework of “Organic Abstraction”, for the creations of nature itself derive much of their beauty and interest from geometric shapes and abstractions as well.

Carlos Torres was awarded First Prize honors, establishing him as “The New Master of Painting”, at the Salon Alzate Avendano in Bogota, Columbia (the most significant art competition in Columbia) and went on to represent Columbia in a prestigious art competition held in Cuenca, Ecuador and then was among only thirty artists who were selected to participate in a second competition in Madrid, Spain.

Notable placements and installations of Carlos Torres’ paintings include:

  • The Bogota Modern Art Museum in Bogota, Columbia
  • The Latin American Art Museum in Long Beach, California
  • The Cuaunahuac Museum of Art in Cuernavca, Mexico
  • The Luis Angel Arango Library in Bogota, Columbia; this library houses the largest and most prestigious art collection in Bogota
  • The Torreon Art Museum in Mexico
  • The Convenio Internacional in Andres Bella, Bogota, Columbia; an important showcase of art from the Andean countries of Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru

and his works can also be found in the permanent collections of:

  • Prominent French Critic and Writer Yves Frederic Jeannet
  • Werner Wagenman a well-known art collector in Berlin, Germany
  • Steve Dabrosky former publicist for Coca Cola in Mexico
  • Leo Kats noted collector and food purveyor in Bogota, Columbia
  • The Cecil de Ave Collection in Mexico
  • The collection of Mexican Tycoon and Industrialist Jaime Camil